About Us
  Zhejiang HangHai Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Anji County, rural villa Liu Tong. The company occupies more than 23,000 square meters with modern standard workshops, office buildings over 6400 square meters.
  From 2011 the company invested into auto parts manufacturing and auto parts industry, the introduction of advanced production equipment and complete testing equipment to ensure product quality stability and reliability. Our quality goal: to provide customers with the products, 100% quality assurance.
  The company mainly produces automotive CVJ cage, star-shaped sets and other components, products for a variety of models. Annual production capacity is expected to reach 100 million units, 80% of the product supply OEM market, the company has the ability of self-developed products, according to the technical requirements of customers drawings or samples in the shortest possible time design and development of various types of products to best meet the customer demand.
  Our management philosophy: the world's most advanced management concepts in line, the introduction of the world's most advanced management methods, to establish the most efficient management.